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Katolight alternators offers the most complete power take-off models in the industry, with features that assure the quality and dependability. Some of the features are a four pole slow speed, 1800 RPM, totally brushless design, 1% automatic voltage regulation, easy to use "speed indicator light" for precise RPM voltage control, 100% copper windings, helical gear drive, five year warranty, full load connector with receptacle and circuit breaker standard package, and full load testing of each and every production unit.

Katolight alternator is a agri-alternator that is tractor driven.

Model Selection
KW Range
1 Phase
25, 40, 50, 60, 75 & 100
3 Phase
45, 55, 65, 85, 105 & 135

Katolight offers a generator for the home called Katolight Lighthouse. The Katolight Lighthouse generator features two generators. The KL-9000 and the KL-15000. The KL-9000 generator has more wattage and more flexibility and the KL-15000 generators has extra power for extra comfort.

Katolight vs. Competition

Katolight Lighthouse Generator
The Competition
High capacity oil cooler protects in the hottest environments No oil cooler on most competitors.
Enclosed muffler for safety and improved appearance. Exposed muffler
On-board diagnostics/Self troubleshoots One blinking problem light
Easy access, lockable weather enclosure for quick routine maintenance Difficult access
Skewed generator end / Katolight 5% THD 25% THD avg. at full load
UL listed Trickle/Float battery charger, Shuts off after reaching full charge Competitors give constant charge, "boil batteries"
Lower noise level
(72 dB @ 7m, 50% load
73 dB
Direct Drive, maintenance free Main competitor is belt driven
3 year/1500 hr warranty
Best warranty in class
1 year/1500 hr warranty
UL 1008 listed switchgear
Industrial caliber
Main competitors are not UL 1008 listed


Winco generator has two different types of generators. PTO generator and Packaged Standby System generator.

The Winco Packaged Standby System (PSS) has six different models available. Each model offers practical and economical solutions to emergency power problems. When power fails, the electric load is automatically transferred to the generator. The PSS also supplies emergency power for lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration. The unit consists of an indoor-mount automatic transfer switch with exerciser clock, battery trickle charger, a sound attenuated weather protective enclosure, engine, generator controls, and all necessary components for a complete system. Every generator and transfer switch is factory tested. The generator operates an economical, clean burning L.P. or natural gas for quick, dependable starting and long engine life with less maintenance and reduced exhaust pollution.

The Winco PTO generators features a three year warranty, full power receptacles, main line current breakers, a color coded voltmeter for PTO/rpm adjustment and to verify proper operation, PTO safety shield, single point lifting eye, and protective rodent screens.

Electrical Specifications
12 kw
25 kw
35 kw
45 kw
1 phase
1 phase
1 phase
1 phase
Generator Speed
3600 rpm
3600 rpm
1800 rpm
1800 rpm


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